PCHRC requires Section 8 (HCV) Recipients to live in our housing jurisdiction for one (1) full year before any availability to port is granted.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

A HUD funded tenant-based program which allows households meeting qualifications to receive rental assistance in the unit of their choice.

  • When an applicant’s name reaches the top of the PCHRC waiting list and funding becomes available, the applicant will be contacted to complete a formal application to determine if they meet HUD’s eligibility criteria.
  • If they do meet HUD’s eligibility criteria, they will be issued a Section 8 “Housing Choice Voucher”. The Voucher holder will be allowed sixty (60) days to locate a unit that meets HUD’s standards.
  • The rent the landlord is asking must be reasonable and the unit must meet HUD’s Housing Quality Standards. However, the tenant cannot initially pay more than 40% of their adjusted monthly income for rent and utilities.
  • The tenant rent is not based on 30% of their monthly adjusted income. Instead, there is a maximum amount of subsidy that will be paid on the tenant’s behalf each month, based on a HUD formula.
  • It is the tenant’s responsibility to pay the difference between that amount and the rent the landlord is asking for the unit.

In most cases the tenant will not pay more than 30% of their monthly income for rent and utilities. This assistance goes with the tenant and can be transferred to other states and localities, as long as the tenant does not vacate their unit in violation of the terms of their lease and they comply with program requirements. The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is federally funded by Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The program is designed to provide affordable, safe, decent and sanitary rental housing. Assistance can be provided to low-income families, singles, elderly and individuals with disabilities.

Where can I live?

With Pennington County Housing and Redevelopment Commission’s (PCHRC) Housing Choice Voucher Program you can reside anywhere in Pennington County, Fall River County or the City of Martin. If you wish to reside outside these areas your voucher may be portable. Check with Pennington County Housing for more information. The type of rental unit you choose can be a house, apartment, duplex, 4-plex, mobile home, etc. Lot rental assistance may also be available. The place that you are currently renting may even qualify.

How do I qualify?

Current Income Guidelines are as follows:

LocationNumber in Household
Pennington County$31,500$36,000$40,500$44,950$48,550$52,150$55,750$59,350
City of Martin$31,500$36,000$40,500$44,950$48,550$52,150$55,750$59,350
Fall River County$31,500$36,000$40,500$44,950$48,550$52,150$55,750$59,350

Effective 05/15/2023 Income Limits (Gross Annual Total Family Income)

Income from all members of your family must be declared. Some examples of income are:

Employment (including tips), Alimony, TANF, SSI, Social Security, Assets, Child Support, Pensions, Retirement and Unemployment

There are certain items that are excluded from income calculations, but must be reported. Some examples of excluded income are:

Food Stamps, Energy assistance and Foster Child Care

What do I pay?

Pennington County Housing and Redevelopment Commission (PCHRC) will pay the difference between the tenant portion and the total rent. Both you and PCHRC will pay the landlord directly. You will also be responsible for the deposit for the unit, deposits for the utilities and the utilities not included in the rent. You will usually pay approximately 30% of your adjusted monthly income towards your housing expense, but no more than 40%.

Updated Date: 3 May 2024
Published Date: 15 August 2022
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