PCHRC requires Section 8 (HCV) Recipients to live in our housing jurisdiction for one (1) full year before any availability to port is granted.

DRAFT: HOME Tenant Selection Plan - Click Here

DRAFT: Hillyo Manor Tenant Selection Plan - Click Here

Programs & Properties

Available Programs and Properties

Families must meet the following five eligibility criteria for admission to these programs: Family Status, Income Eligibility, Citizenship/Eligibility Status, Social Security Number Documentation, and Consent Form Signature.  We work with Public Housing, Tax Credit, Rural Development, HOME, Section 8 Housing Voucher Program, VASH Voucher Program and FYI.

Rental Assistance Programs

Rental Assistance Programs

apartment building downtown Rapid City

Pennington County Housing Properties

VASH Voucher Program

one story apartment complex

Pest Control

Pest Control

parking lot
Updated Date: 18 November 2022